Friday, January 11, 2008

DivX coming to PSP in Firmware 4.0

Well CES was fun and I look forward to being there again next year.

Not much divulged other than the two posts I've made so far but I did hear an interesting 'bon mot' from a friend that works at SONY.

Seems our little friend the PSP will soon be getting DivX Certification to allow for the downloading of movies and TV shows through the PC store, transferred from PS3 and from selected third party online retailers (psst...starts with G and ends with le).

DivX for PSP should be released within two months and be included with the 4.0 firmware update.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PSP Keyboard due 2009

Hi Friends,

Still trolling/working the floor at CES. Most of what I hear is already announced stuff but I did get a little tidbit about a new/old PSP peripheral that will be coming your way in 2009. (Image to the left is the aborted Logitech Keyboard from 2006)

The PSP (which is getting alot of love right now) will finally be getting the keyboard that SONY was mentioning way back in 2005. This is according to an SCEA representative that I chatted up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tivo and SONY to combine efforts

Well, my first 'bit' of 'news' is something I picked up from a Tivo insider at the CES today.

Seems SONY and Tivo have extended their licencing agreement (see TivoToGo for PSP) with specific use in the PS3 gaming console.

An announcement is not forthcoming until E3 2008 but from what I heard SONY and Tivo will co-brand an add-on unit for approximately $100 that will bring Tivo functionality (DVR functionality) to your PS3. (The included photo is NOT a mock up of the Tivo add-on, there was nothing for me to see, but is the PlayTV add-on coming to the UK/EU later this year) If sales go well, a future revision of the PS3 platform may build this functionality into the console itself and allow Tivo to broaden its user base in the US and Canada. This is an exciting development for PS3 and SONY's attempts to claim your living room.