Saturday, May 31, 2008

Elephant in the room.

Well, it's been a busy spring and I'm finally getting around to a new post.

Updates to my previous posts first:

1. Tivo and SONY are still in talks...dependant on Netflix going exclusive with Xbox or not.
2. Keyboard is still on track for late 2008 (slim only)
3. DivX for PSP has been delayed along with HOME. When HOME finally launches you'll see DivX on the PSP.

Newest juicy bit? Some friends at Apple disclosed a little bit of big news.

Apple is jumping back into the gaming business. Buoyed by the huge interest in bringing games to its iPhone product, Apple is now preparing to add full fledged gaming to its Apple TV product and distribute the games via iTunes ala Valve. Apple sees their potential to be the hub on home entertainment being threatened by the Xbox 360 and PS3. This is also a pushback against Valve which is rumoured to be interested in video and music distribution.
SONY and MS should be VERY worried.

My friends say that the new Apple TV will be more 'like a revamped Mac Mini' but will NOT include an optical disc. All software will be digitally distributed with a heavy emphasis on casual games. This article on May 8th at Apple Insider has some info on the potential controller (note: above isn't meant to be a product shot!)

What do you think ... will adding gaming to the mix allow Apple TV to finally take off?